Clean-up PCR and other enzymatic reactions in as little as 2 minutes:
– Clean and concentrate up to 5 μg DNA with ≥ 6 μl elution in as little as 2 minutes with 0 μl wash residue carryover.
– Column design allows DNA to be eluted at high concentrations into minimal volumes of water or TE buffer.
– Eluted DNA is well suited for use in PCR, DNA sequencing, DNA ligation, endonuclease digestion, RNA transcription, radiolabeling, arrays, etc.

Danh mục :

Elution Volume: ≥ 6 µl.
Size Range: 50 bp to 23 kb.
Equipment: Microcentrifuge.
Purity: Highly purified DNA is eluted with water and is especially well suited for sequencing, ligation reactions, and restriction endonuclease digestions.
Yield: ≤ 5 µg total DNA can be recovered. For DNA 50 bp to 10 kb the recovery is 70-95%. For DNA 11 kb to 23 kb the recovery is 50-70%.
Sample Source: DNA from PCR, endonuclease digestions, DNA modification reactions, isotope/fluorescence labeling reactions, etc.
Detergent Tolerance: ≤5% Triton X-100, ≤5% Tween-20, ≤5% Sarkosyl, ≤0.1% SDS.