Product Information

Model: Multi-purpose Field Kit

Manufacturer: Lynn Peavey

Origin: United States

The name of this kit clearly speaks for itself. Develop, lift, i.d., view, record, and much more, with this multi-purpose kit.

Contents of kit:

1 ea.–2-oz. jars of powder (super black, white, and red)

1 ea.–2-oz. jars fluorescent powder (red and orange)

1 ea.–1-oz. jars fluorescent magnetic (black, red and white)

1–1-oz. jar of white magnetic powder

2–Feather Dusters

3–Fiber Dusters

1–TEX™ magnetic applicator w/2 disposable sleeves

1ea.–1½” rolls of lifting tape (clear, polyethylene, and DIFF-Lift™)

3–White vinyl 6″ rulers

1 ea.–2 cm. Mini-Rulers (black and white)

1 ea.–12 count 2″ x 4″ flap-lifters (black, white, and clear)

5–Pair latex gloves

10–Ink Remover Towelettes

100–ScaleLift backing cards (50 black and 50 white)

3–HotShots™ with 13″ x 18″ baggies to fume in

1–3X dome magnifier

1–2″ BlackMagic ink pad

1–MicroBlue™ II


1–Disposable fuming bag chamber

50–Fingerprint elimination cards

1–Carrying case with custom foam insert.

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