Product Information

Model: Amped Five

Manufacturer: Amped Softwares

Origin: Italy

How will Amped Five image and video inspection software help you?

Correct perspective of a license plate.

Do you have a photo of a license plate in a non-frontal view that’s hard to see?

With Amped Five, this problem became very simple. With just a few mouse clicks, you have a license plate that is rotated in frontal view.

Enhance faces

You need to identify a face in a photo or video, but the image and video quality is too poor. With Amped Five, face enhancement is one of the extremely powerful features that help users achieve results quickly.

phần mềm giám định hình ảnh video Amped Five

Enhance license plate

In any crime case where a perpetrator uses a motorbike or car to move, the identification of a license plate will be the key to help the case be solved quickly. Therefore, the feature of enhancing license plates is focused and developed extremely by Amped Five. You can clearly identify a license plate from a video shot in the dark, shaken, … With advanced algorithms such as frame stabilization, increasing exposure, reducing motion blur, and details vehicle numbers will be restored.

Phần mềm khôi phục làm rõ hình ảnh, video Amped Five

Phần mềm khôi phục hình ảnh video Amped Five

Technical specifications


  • More than 100 different filters for all possible needs in inspection surveys.
  • Each filter is a solution to a specific technical problem.
  • No additional plugins or third party software required.
  • Working on a laptop in the field is as easy as on a desktop in a lab.
  • Meet and surpass the quality standards required by forensic laboratories and courts around the world.

User interface

  • Add, configure, move, and modify an unlimited number of filters, in real time even while playing video. You can apply real-time, non-destructive image adjustments that don’t require re-rendering as changes are applied. Every process is a filter: filters have a common workflow and interaction and can be modified, added, copied, pasted, disabled or deleted in any moment.
  • Bookmarks allow to quickly select interesting frames in a video, or different steps in the processing. Every bookmark is associated to a specific frame of a specific filter and has a name and a description for quick access. Bookmarks can be edited moved or deleted. Images from bookmarks are included in the report.
  • Track areas or target of interest (such as people or objects) through static, dynamic, and manual tracking.
  • All local filters support applications on the whole image, a static region or the tracking of a moving object with either static (more precise) or dynamic (more robust) template.
  • All filters and tools always visible on the screen. Different panels can be resized, moved, docked and undocked to fit user needs
  • Most features of the software are available through keyboard shortcuts, carefully chosen to match those commonly used in standard photo editing software and non-linear video editors.
  • Support for multiple themes of different colors in addition to the system theme to fit the user working environment.
  • Customizable font size in addition to the system defined font dimensions.
  • All operations performed by the user are logged on a text file, together with system info and other critical information. The feature can be optionally disabled.
  • Display current pixel coordinates and values.
  • Display in real time the histogram and statistical features of the image, on one or multiple color channels. Optionally mark on the image white saturated or black areas to avoid excessive processing.
  • Multiple selectors available to best interact with different filters with pixel level precision
  • To measure distances in pixels and the angle on a picture.
  • Current filename, image size and number of frames always visible on screen for quick reference.
  • Display file format and metadata information, such as EXIF data, present in image and video files.
  • Precise zoom tool with no interpolation to see actual pixels value. Interpolation can be applied under the user control with the specific filter.

Định dạng đầu vào và đầu ra.

  • Supports any standard digital image format (i.e. jpeg, tiff, png, bmp, targa, …).
  • Supports any standard video format (avi, mp4, mkv, flv, 3gpp, wmv, mov…), also without the need of the codec installed on the system. Expandable by system
  • Switch on runtime between different codec frameworks (FFmpeg, FFMS, DirectShow, VideoForWindows, QuickTime) to test different decoding capabilities.
  • Multiple images can be loaded together to work on them as if they were frames of a single video file.
What is Amped Five?

Are you looking for a software that enhance blurred images, videos to clarify details such as license plates, faces and more?

Amped Five is your number 1 choice!

Originating in the country of the Italia by the world famous software company Amped Software, Amped Five is the most professional video and image inspection software today.

Amped FIVE is the leading forensic image and video enhancement software and is acclaimed for its simplicity, ease-of-use and completeness. Amped FIVE is specifically designed for investigative, forensic, military and security applications. Its primary purpose is to provide an all-in-one solution to process and restore, clarify, and analyze images and video in a simple, fast, and precise way.

Where does the power of Amped Five come from?

Amped FIVE provides more than 100 filters to analyze, restore, and enhance digital images and videos. Amped FIVE offers specialized features like redaction, photogrammetry, stabilization, perspective correction, object tracking, FFT, etc.

Amped FIVE is a single solution and does not require additional plug-ins, third-party software or special expensive hardware. This means there is just one platform to learn, maintain and deploy on hardware you already own.  Because FIVE is compatible with standard PCs (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/10, 32 bit and 64 bit versions), the time and cost to deploy are minimal. As hardware standards change quickly, Amped FIVE does not bind you to a platform that will soon be obsolete or cannot be upgraded without major expense (if at all). Amped FIVE shows a clear advantage over competitors in cost effectiveness in a budget analysis based on total cost of ownership.

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