The Nextera DNA Flex Library Prep Kit provides library preparation reagent for DNA sequencing on Next Generation Sequencing system of Illumina.


Nextera DNA Flex Library Preparation Kit integrates the DNA extraction, fragmentation, library preparation, and library normalization steps to deliver the fastest, most flexible workflows in the Illumina library prep portfolio:

– Human Whole Genome Sequencing: applied in Cancer Genomics Research, Variant Detection, Genetic Risk Studies and Population Genetics. For example, sequencing Human Genome (3.2 Gb) on NovaSeq (8 samples/flow cell), HiSeq (8 samples/flow cell);

– Large, Complex Genomes Sequencing: applied in Agrigenomics (maize, wheat, bovine, etc.), Plant/Animal Research and Model Organisms (fruit fly, mouse, zebrafish, etc.). For example, gene sequencing of fruit fly (175 Mb) on NextSeq 550 (22 samples/flow cell), mouse (2.7 Gb) on HiSeq 4000 (8 samples/flow cell);

– Small Genomes Sequencing: applied in Human Microbiome, Microbiology/Metagenomics, Public Health Research, Amplicon Sequencing. For example, gene sequencing of E. Coli (4.6 Mb) on MiniSeq (50 samples/flow cell), plasmid/amplicons (650 kb) on MiSeq (11 samples/flow cell).

Assay Time ~ 3.5-4 hours
Hands-on Time 1-1.5 hours
Specialised Sample Types gDNA, Blood, Saliva, PCR Amplicons, Plasmids, Dried Blood Spots, Low Input Samples
DNA Input Type ·   Small Genomes: 1-500 ng DNA,

·   Large Genomes: 100-500 ng

Technology Human Whole Genome, Small Whole Genome, Large Whole Genome of any species including Human Genome
Samples/run Maximum 96 samples
Insert Size 300-350 bp
Variant Class Chromosomal Abnormalities, Copy Number Variants (CNVs), Gene Fusions, Germline Variants, Insertions-Deletions (indels), Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH), Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), Somatic Variants, Structural Variants
NGS System Compatibility HiSeq 2500HiSeq 3000HiSeq 4000HiSeq X FiveHiSeq X TenMiniSeqMiSeqMiSeqDx in Research ModeNextSeq 550NovaSeq 6000
Compatitable Accessory Kit Nextera Index kit (24 hoặc 96 indexes)


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