Model: MiniSeq
Manufacturer: Illumina/USA
– Next-Generation Sequencing System uses sequencing technology: Sequencing by Synthesis – SBS
– The system enables the whole amplification of both DNA and RNA, integrated with sequencing analysis on a single system

– The whole genome sequencing for small genomes (Small Whole-genome Sequencing)
– Targeted sequencing
– Sequencing to detect gene mutations associated with colorectal cancer, lung cancer, etc., applied in early screening and targeted treatment
– mRNA sequencing, small RNA sequencing, microRNAs sequencing
– Two-dimensional (paired-end) sequencing of target amplicons (targeted amplicon sequencing)
– 2-dimensional (paired-end) gene sequencing for target expression profiling

MiniSeq System features:

– Maximum Output: 7.5 Gb (equivalent to 7.5 billion bases) within 24 hours
– Data quality: Quality Score > Q30 (99.9% accuracy)
– Sequencing time when using the High-Output Reagent Kits:

  • 1 x 50 bp in 7 hours (384 samples)
  • 2 x 75 bp in 13 hours (23 samples)
  • 2 x 150 bp in 24 hours (50 small-genome sequencing samples, 28 targeted amplicon sequencing samples)

– Compatible with two flow cell types with different capacities (high output and medium output), depending on the purpose of sequencing.
– Data passes through the filter: The amount of clusters passing filter varies from 8 to 25 million
– Data output per run: varies from 2.5 GB to 7.5 GB
– Quality Score > Q30 (99.9% accuracy). Percentage of data with quality > 85%> Q30 (one-end sequencing of 25 million reads, paired-end sequencing of 50 million reads)
– Optical system uses light emitting diode LEDs at 515 nm, 650 nm
– Fully automated process: 10 minutes hands-on, and ≤6 hours of sequencing (1 x 36 bp) including cluster generation, sequencing, and automatic rinsing after running.
– Radio Frequency Identifier (RFID – tracking) uses cartridge with preloaded chemicals
– Throughput: up to 384 samples per sequencing run
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