Model: iScan

Manufacturer: Illumina / USA

Fully automated Micro-array System

– Suitable for A-CGH applications such as CNV, SNP
– Research on mutation detection (≤ 2.5%) and rapid screening of human genome
– Research on cell genetics
– Detection of insertions and deletions (Indels), balance transfer, mosaics
– Research on DNA methylation:
+ Detection of locus expressing dominant traits
+ The technology allows to research the whole genome with high coverage


– The iScan status indicator lights and scan bar on the front panel show the current status of the iScan: Power (blue) – Instrument is on; Ready (green check) – Instrument has been initialized and is ready to scan; Warning (amber triangle) – Instrument error has occurred

– The scanning system uses high-performance lasers, optics, and fully automated detection systems to provide extremely rapid scan times without sacrificing data quality, which helps to process complex data when running multiple samples

– With a high signal-to-noise ratio, high sensitivity, a low limit of detection, and a broad dynamic range, the iScan System can detect single copy number changes in gene expression and DNA methylation analysis

– The system uses microarray technology, the process of scanning and analyzing are carried out on the Beadchips.

– Beadchip is based on silicon particles with the size of 1-2 μm arranged in wells with a spacing of 5.7 μm between beads, each bead is covered by hundreds to thousands copies of specific oligonucleotides to generate a perfect hybridization environment in terms of large area, ensuring the highest hybridization yield.

– Ability to analyze high-quality data with high call rates (>99.9%), reducing the positive false and negative false.

– Normal Scan Function: manual loading

– Automatic Scan function: Automatic sample loading with robot

– Automatic Sample Running:

  • Automatic loading for 1 or 2 scanners
  • Samples can be run per week (hand loading): > 200 samples
  • Samples can be run per week (automatic loading): > 500 samples

– The Beadchip tray allows to analyze four Beadchips simultaneously

– The system operates simultaneously ≥24 samples per run on a Beadchip

– Number of samples / run varies by chemical reagent kits and applications

– Scan time for each sample varies by specialized kits and applications

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