Product Information

Model: HotShot Fingerprint Developer

Manufacturer: Lynn Peavey

Origin: United States

Hotshot fuming chemicals include activator packet, reaction solutions and Cyanoacrylate glue tubes.

Within a few seconds, the activator solution is absorbed, and a chemical reaction takes place, generating heat and a controlled amount of steam for needed humidity.

As the canister heats, the HotShot fingerprint developer begins to vaporize and fills the fuming chamber with extremely sensitive, active print-developing fumes.

  • Store in cool, dry conditions.
  • Use 1 set of HotShot with each chamber with a volume of 10 – 15 hallons.
  • Use 3-4 sets of HotShot for the process of fuming car interior.
  • Quick fuming process, only about 5 minutes with small chambers and 30-45 minutes for car interiors.
  • Glue and steam evaporate vertically. Therefore, material evidence should be hung above the thermostat.
  • No additional steam needed.
  • It only takes a few drops of Cyanoacrylate glue and carefully observes the pattern detection process.
  • The temperature of the thermostat after the reaction can take several minutes.
  • Do not use too much glue at a time.

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