Product Information

Model: NextSeq 1000

Manufacturer: Illumina

Origin: Singapore/United States

Launching year: 01/2020

The NextSeq 1000 System supports emerging and mid-throughput sequencing applications as well as a broad range of methods such as exome sequencing, target enrichment, single-cell profiling, transcriptome sequencing, and more. They offer an intuitive workflow with load-and-go ease and visual cues about run status.

– The NextSeq 1000 Sequencing System uses patterned flow cells similar to those that power the NovaSeq™ 6000 System. The result is a highly flexible and scalable benchtop system that offers the highest cluster density flow cell of any on-market NGS system to date, driving down the cost per gigabase (Gb) of the sequencing run.

– With fast, accurate results, extensibility from 120 Gb to 300 Gb, and flexible informatics options, the NextSeq 1000 Sequencing Systems is ideal for wideranging applications across oncology, genetic disease, reproductive health, agrigenomics, and more. Add in unwavering expert support and labs are set for today’s workload and future emerging applications.

– Read per run: 400 M – 1 B

– Max read length: 2 x 150 bp

– Fast analysis with the on-board DRAGEN™Bio-IT Platform

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