Product Information

Model: Squad Back Pack Kit

Manufacturer: Lynn Peavey

Origin: United States

Field examination military backpack with high mobility, includes all the criminal tools needed to develop, acquire, ID, review, report and more from any field on the battlefield.

Backpack contains

2 –Condor Assault Bag
20–#25 8x5x18 Kraft Bag w/Chain of Custody
10–#1/6 12x7x17 Kraft Bag w/Chain of Custody
10–6×8 4mil Ziptop bag
20–9×12 4mil Zip top bag
10–12×15 4mil Zip Top bag
1–Portable Fingerprint holder
1–Round Black Magic Pad, 2”
1–Integriswab Kit (20ct)
1–White Chalk
1–9×12 Clipboard
10–Evidence Collection Jars 4 oz
20–N95 Mask – 2 Micron Disposable
1–Cotton Gloves, 12 pr/pk
1–LG 14mil PowderFree Latex Gloves, 50/bx
1–LG 6mil PowderFree Latex Gloves, 100/pk
1–Pre-Print Towelettes, 100/pk
1–Digital Camera – 4X Zoom w/ Memory Card
4–Fine Pt Blk Marker
4–Extra Fine Blk Marker
6–Felt tip Black Marker
1 set–1-15 Yellow Tent Markers 3”
1–All Purpose Tool
3–8 1/2” x 11” Grid Sketch Pad – Graph Paper
2–L Scale Reversible Ruler 300mm x 150mm
1–7×7 Blk Gel Lifters, 5/pk
1–14×5 White Gel Lifters, 2/pk
2–Zipr-Weld Red w/ White Stripe Evidence Tape,
13/8” x 108’

1–11–100 ft Steel Measure tape
1–50 ft Steel Measure tape


1 ea.–2oz Powder (Super Black, White, Red)
1 ea.–2oz Fluorescent Powder (Red, Orange)
1 ea.–1oz Fluorescent Magnetic Powder (Black,
Red)oz White Magnetic powder
2–Feather Dusters 7”
3–Fiber Dusters 7”
1–Spring Loaded Magnetic Applicator
1–11/2” Clear Lift Tape – bagged roll
1– 11/2” Poly Lift Tape – bagged roll
1– 11/2” Diff Lift w/Jar
5–White 6” Vinyl Rulers
1–2cm Adh ruler Blk, 150/roll
1–2cm Adh ruler White ,150/roll
1–2×4 White Flap Lifters, 12/pk
1–2×4 Black Flap Lifter, 12/pk
1–2×4 Clear Flap Lifter, 12/pk
10–LG Powdered Latex Gloves
10–Ink remover towelettes
1–Black Scale Lift Backing Cards, 100/pk
1–White Scale Lift Backing Cards, 100/pk
3–Hot Shot
3–13×18 Fuminator Bag
1–3X Dome magnifier
1–MicroBlue II
1–Scissors 5”
1–Fingerprint Elimination Cards, 50/pk

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