Experience simplified high-throughput sample processing and more control with the Avanti® JXN-26. Rely on the powerful features, improved imbalance tolerance, and quiet performance. The Avanti JXN-26 stands out with these enhanced features:

– Monitoring and control flexibility with MobileFuge

– Advanced, easy-to-use data management

– Ergonomic design

– Intuitive interface


High-speed Centrifuges

BioSafe: Yes

Acceleration: 11 acceleration profiles

Deceleration: 12 profiles

Speed Control: ±|10.00|rpm of set speed or 0.1%, whichever is greater

Timed Run: Up to 99 hrs, 59 mins

Max Capacity Volume Range: 1.00|6.00|L

Temperature Control: ± 2|°C of set temperature after equilibration

Temperature Range(s) 10°C – 40°C in 1 degree increments

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