Biomedic joined the workshop on recruitment of Hanoi University of Science (HUS – VNU)

With the aim of enhancing education and graduate quality along with acknowledging feedbacks from cooperations and recruiters, Hanoi University of Science – Vietnam National University held “Workshop on strengthening the conection among the university, recruiters and alumni.” The workshop was organized at Le Văn Thiêm Hall, No 19 Lê Thánh Tông, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội with the attendance of many recruiters and alumni who are owing corporations. Mr. Cao Tien Dung – the chairman of executive board, Biomedic also joined this workshop.

Be one of the top universities in training and educating human resources in Fundamental Science, Hanoi University of Science – Vietnam National University directly considered the training reality and the graduate quality in meeting demands of recruiters. At the workshop, a lot of leaders from agencies and companies sharing the advantages and disadvantages of students majoring in Science when they joined corporation are alumni of HUS. The point is that almost HUS graduates are good at theories but soft skills such as presentation and report are insufficient…

There are a variety of corporations and alumni


Mr. Cao Tien Dung, chairman of Biomedic shared his ideas at the workshop

The number of HUS students working at Biomedic is quite a lot, many of them are grown from the internship program at Biomedic. Therefore, raising the quality of after graduate students at HUS will greatly help Biomedic in forming high quality teams and saving time for training.

Mr. Cao also proposed partnership between HUS and Biomedic particularly and other corporations generally in researching and developing testing process based on technological platform transferred by Biomedic. That idea was encouraged and supported by the administrators of the university and was condidered to be done in the near future.

At the end of the workshop, corporations and alumni made questions and raised more discussing issues with HUS to decide what will be done in the future.



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