Scholarship “Biomedic-enriching knowledge with you-2018” was awarded to the student of Vietnamese national university of Agriculture.

Scholarship “Biomedic-enriching knowledge with you” is annually scholarship which Biomedic gives to excellent students in BioTechnology-Chemistry major in universities nationwide. This scholarship aims to motivate and encourage learning and researching of potential students. Recently, on October 22nd, on the occasions of 10 year-anniversary of Biotechnology Department – Vietnamese national university of Agriculture, Biomedic awarded 5-million
scholarship for Doan Thi Nhung, student course 59 majoring in Biotechnology Department.

Every year, Biomedic receives a lot of scholarship profile from students majoring in Biotechnology from Hanoi University of Science-Vietnamese National University, Ho Chi Minh University of Science-Vietnamese National University and Vietnamese national university of Agriculture. Passing many rounds including: profile screening, interview, presentation- cricticism, Doan Thi Nhung was selected to receive the scholarship. After finishing studying course at the university, Nhung will have opportunity to take internship, work and experience
Biomedic working environment. Working at Biomedic is a chance to work with foreign brands which are Biomedic’s partners, to be trained to enhance professional knowledge and approach world leading technology.

Going through 10 years of construction and development, Department of Biotechnology- Vietnamese national university of Agriculture trained many high-quality BAs in which many are working and dedicating at Biomedic. To show gratefulness toward university, Biomedic was glad to sponsor for 10 year-ceremony of Department Foundation (22/10/2008 – 22/10/2018).

Some photos in the framework of the ceremony:

Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien – Head of Administration and Human Resources – Biomedic, on behalf of Biomedic awarded scholarship for Doan Thi Nhung

Ms Tran Thuy Nga – group leader of Field Application Department and Account manager at Biomedic, was a former student of Vietnamese national university of Agriculture

On behalf of former students course 49, she gave 4 scholarships for students at the university











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