An excursion to celebrate the 12th birthday of Biomedic – One team, one dream

Biomedic held an excursion to Ha Long Bay to celebrate 12 years of company foundation in 3 days from 28 to 30 September, 2020. This trip helped Biomedic members bonded better and demonstrated the solidarity spirit “One team, one dream”.

Biomedic was established on 29th Sep, 2008. Since then, Biomedic has been proud to be one of the leading companies in biotechnology, specializing in providing technology solutions in cancer testing, diagnosing and screening; genetic diseases; reproductive health services and criminal science, contribute to bring a peaceful and healthy lives for Vietnamese.

Moreover, Biomedic has currently been a strong team, the second family of more than 80 members. In the year of Covid -19 pandemic, global economy is affected badly. Although Biomedic has to cope with many difficulties and challenges, it has its own achievements thanks to the effort of staff with the lead of management board. Let’s have a look at the picture taken in the excursion to celebrate 12th birthday of Biomedic family.

Teambuiding activities in Ha Long Bay

Teambuilding in the sea with Biomedic!
Do the best ride with battle horses
Game “unified feet” raise team spirit
Bring water to team members!!!
Reach the target together
Drain the East Sea to bring back water
Biomedic team went kayaking on Ha Long Bay
Biomedic’s master chef made spring role under the instruction of cooks from 5-star restaurant
Biomedic family had an interesting excursion on 5-star yacht in Ha Long Bay

Gala to celebrate the 12th birthday of Biomedic

Biomedic management board cut the birthday cake to celebrate the 12th birthday
Cheer to congratulate on the 12th birthday
Stay together!!!
Biomedic executive board awarded prize to honour staff who has been worked for 5 years and 10 years
Enthusiastic performance from storm team
The play “Sót một bên” of “Hành Án” team is very exciting
Spirit of team 4380
Be mavellous with Sai Gon team
Emotional Gala night of Biomedic family, though there are many difficulties ahead, Biomedic team always stay together

The excursion to Ha Long Bay to celebrate 12 years of company foundation has helped staff of Biomedic bond and love each other more. All the member will always hold this spirit and work together to bring Biomedic to higher position and accomplish the mission “For a peaceful and healthy life of Vietnamese”.