For the past 10 years, Biomedic had always received major support and care from our partners. On August 16, 2019, Biomedic had organized a Science Equipment Distributors Conference at the headquarter in Hanoi, joined by all our partners.

Through this annual conference, Biomedic wants to tell all the distributors and partners about the most technology solutions in medical tests, forensic science, and life science to every distributor and partner.

Mr. Le Manh Hung – Biomedic CEO speaking at the Conference

From early 2019, Biomedic had officially become the direct distributor for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences in Vietnam. The leading products include: Flow Cytometry; Centrifugation; and Automated Liquid Handling and Integrated Solutions. Currently, Biomedic is focusing on developing products in Hematology Cell with the hope to bring a complete solution from gene to cells.

Through this conference, we updated all the features that run on Next Generation Sequencing sequencers from Illumina: hereditary cancer testing, NIPT, PGS/PGT…

Besides, Biomedic also offer testing kits for infectious diseases, certified by CE-IVD, perfect solutions for the Vietnamese market.

Customers visiting the demonstrating room to look at the NGS sequencers from Illumina: NextSeq and iSeq
Beside solutions for medical testing, Biomedic provides equipment and solutions in forensic science: evidence examination, documents examination, crime scene investigation suitcase…
Distributors experiencing a hand-on demonstration with the sequencer in the Demo Lab

The Conference was a success. Through this, we pledge that we will help our distributors deliver the most innovative technologies to the customers with the hope to bring peace for the community.

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